SAP IBP Online Training Self Paced

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SAP IBP Online Training

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SAP IBP Online Training -13 hours of Self Paced Learning

SAP IBP Online Training

Click4learning providing quality on SAP IBP Online Training and self-paced videos to learn easily

IBP – Integrated business Planning Modules:

  • Integrated Business Planning Process
    1. SAP IBP Solution  and Overview
    2. Planning Process and Overview
  • User Interface with
    1. IBP Excel Add-in Installation
    2. SAP IBP Planning View Access
    3. Planning View Design and Features
    4. Planning View Formatting and Local members for Common Actions
  • Configuration having 4 modules
    1. Model Configuration comprising
    2. Creating an Attribute and Time Profile
    3. Creating a Simple Master Data Type
    4. Compounding a Master Data Type
    5.  Planning Area and Level
    6. Creating a Key Figure
    7. Writing a Key Figure Calculation & disaggregation
    8. Attribute Transformation
    9. Model activation
    10. Planning model transport
  • Planning Operators & Application Jobs
    1. Types of planning operators
    2. Various planning operators
    3. Creation application job
    4. Scheduling for application jobs
    5. Application Job Logs
  • Versions and Scenarios to
    1. Creation with different versions
    2. Copying data between versions
    3. Difference between version and scenarios
  • Planning Configuration and Debugging though
    1. Statistical Forecasting Model Setup
    2. Change History
    3. Supply Planning Model Setup
  • Analytics & Reporting by
    1. Creating a Chart, Drill Down, and Dashboard
    2. Custom Alerts
  • Under User Integration
    1. Creating an employee
    2. Creation a user and role
    3. Administration Console – Resetting user password
    4. User-based filters
    5. Managing user groups

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SAP IBP Overview:

To keep up with complex and fast-moving markets, you need world-class supply chain planning capabilities that engage and connect stakeholders across your organization. With SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP).

you can:

  • Integrate sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand planning and sensing, response and supply planning, and inventory optimization.
  • Use social collaboration capabilities to rapidly refine forecasting and demand management
  • Get end-to-end supply chain visibility and run powerful predictive analytics on SAP HANA
  • Create what-if simulations to evaluate different plans and understand the potential impact of decisions, The course describes IBP Configuration, Closer Look into selected key features.