Fusion Financials

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This Fusion Applications: Introduction to Financials Implementation training will teach you the steps needed to implement Oracle Fusion Financials. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to follow the Financials offering task list in Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager.

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Oracle Fusion Financials Training Content


Oracle Fusion Certified Implementation Specialist

Introduction to Fusion Financials
Course Approach
Course Schedule
Overview Oracle Fusion Financials
Enterprise Structure & Highlights
of Training
Enterprise Structure Definition
Rapid Implementation using
Data Imports & Exports Process in FSM
BPM Approvals
Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
Introduction to FSM
Understanding Offerings
Understanding Options
Enabling Offerings
Implementation Project Creation
Task Assignments to Team Members
Status Tracking
Understating Task Lists/Tasks
Overview on Offerings Documentation
Overview on Rapid Implementation
General Ledger
Setup & Maintenance

Define Value Sets
Defining the Chart of Accounts Structure
Cross Currency Journals
Suspense Journal
Transferring Entries to Secondary
Account Monitor
Accounting Inspector
Mass Allocations
Recurring Journals

Accounts Payable
Setup & Maintenance

Create Business Unit Locations
Create Reference Data Sets
Create Business Units
Assign Business Unit Functions to
Business Unit
Create Employee User
Create Procurement Agents
Common Options for Payables and
Invoice Options
Payment Options
Create Payment Terms
Create Supplier, site, addresses and
Create Payables Documents
Create Payment Method
Defining Payment Formats
Create Payment Process Profile
Open Payables Periods
Process Flows
Manual Standard Invoices
Prepayment Invoice
Apply Prepayment to Standard invoice
Credit Memo Invoices
Standard Receipt Reversal
Debit Memo Receipt Reversal
Receipt Write-Off Configuration &
Customer Refund Configuration &
BFB Configuration & Process
Reviewing Customer Account Details
Customers Conversion Process -FBDI
Auto Invoice Conversion Process – FBDI
Fixed Assets
Setup & Maintenance

Create Value Sets for Category KFF
Create Value Sets for Location KFF
Create Value Sets for Asset Key KFF
Create Category KFF Structure
Create Location KFF Structure
Create Asset Key KFF Structure
Create Category KFF Structure Instance
Create Location KFF Structure Instance
Create Asset Key KFF Structure Instance
Create Segment Values to 3 KFF
Configure System Controls
Create Fiscal Year Calendar
Create Asset Calendar
Define Prorate Convention
Create Prorate Calendar
Create Asset Book
Create Asset Categories
Process Flows
Manual Additions
Asset Creation using Spreadsheet/ADFdi
Mass Additions
Merge Asset Lines
Split Asset Lines
Deploying the Chart of Accounts
Defining Segment Values
Assigning Segment Attributes
Create Account Hierarchies
Published Account Hierarchy Example
Enabling Account Combinations
Defining Cross-Validation Rules
Defining Accounting Calendar
Manage Currencies Overview
Define Ledgers
Specify Ledger Options
Balancing Segment Value Assignments
Manage Reporting Currencies
Reporting Currencies Conversion Levels
Define Secondary Ledgers
Secondary Ledgers Conversion Levels
Review and Submit Accounting
Manage Ledger Sets
Defining Segment Value Security Rules
Data Access Set Security
Defining Budgets & Controls
Process Flows
Open GL Periods
Entering Daily Currency Rates
Manual Journal
Journal through Spreadsheet Loaders
Auto Post of Accounting Entries
Auto Reversal of Accounting Entries
Interest Invoice Creation
Invoices through Spread Sheet
Recurring Invoices
Manual Payments
Batch Payments through PPR
Cross Currency Payments
Supplier refund
Manage Accounts Payable Balances
Accounts Receivables
Setup & Maintenance

Receivables System Options
Define Transaction Types
Define Transaction Sources
Auto Accounting Configuration
Create Payment Terms
Create Statement Cycles
Create Customer Profile Class
Create Reference Data Set for Customer
Create Customer
Create Customer Site/Address
Create Remit-to-Address
Create Receivable Activities
Create Receipt Classes & Methods
Create Receipt Source
Process Flows
Invoice Transaction Creation
Credit Memo Transaction Creation
Debit Memo Transaction Creation
Chargeback Setups & Transaction
Standard Receipt Creation
Misc. Receipt Setups & Process
Receipt Creation in Spreadsheet & Process
CIP Asset & CIP Capitalization
Run Depreciation (Draft/Final)
Mass Copy
What-if Analysis
Rollback Depreciation
Asset Retirement
Asset Reinstatements
File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Assets
Cash Management
Setup & Maintenance

Create Banks
Create Branches
Create Bank Accounts
Manage Bank St. Transaction Creation
Manage Bank St. Reconciliation
Matching Rules
Manage Bank St. Reconciliation Rule
Process Flows
Create a Bank Statement
Generate Cash Transactions
Create External Cash Transactions
Manual Reconciliation
Automatic Reconciliation
Application Reporting Capabilities
Financial Reporting Studio
Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence
Smart view